6 Creative Ways To Use QR Codes In Everyday Life

Hello readers, here this post will make you go crazy to use QR codes in everyday life. QR codes have the history of using them for automated purpose and security options to secure the things from spying eyes. Previously they are just used for high-security options and but for change now they have been used in many sectors to access their work with an ease.Now the QR codes are used in different sectors like bankings, shopping, purchasing, marketing purposes websites and more. In this post, we will let you know the creative ways to use QR codes in everyday life.

What is QR code

QR code is the two-dimensional barcode which consists of white and black pixels with unique patterns that can be accessed by scanning the code with a smartphone or by a QR code reader. It is much simpler to use and much difficult to break. It delivers fast response with extra security that can’t be decoded. You can create your own QR code for your website or for your everyday usage at home or at an office.

1. Use QR code as an address card

Every time when you meet a special person like friend or co-workers they may ask you for your address to meet you directly or if you are running any business you need to explore more on your address. Telling your address may take a time or your visiting card may miss sometimes when they try contacting you. In order to eliminate all the worries, you can use QR code to quickly scan and send your contact details immediately to their smartphone. For this, you need to generate your own QR code by filling all the required fields and take a print out or capture your QR code on your smartphone. When some asks for your address just show then the bar code and ask them to scan it and that’s it your address will be added to their smartphone screen quickly. You can use trick as a business card QR code generator to impress your clients.

2. Protect WiFi password

Securing your WiFi password when relatives or friends at home is really a tuff task. It may even break or misguide the relations when you try to hide the password from them. Now you can make your friends and guests happy by sharing your WiFi network without breaking the password. For this, you just install WiFi QR code generator and provide your details and generate a QR code and paste it near to your router or in the hall and tell your friends/guests to scan the QR code to get access to WiFi network. Know how to find free WiFi network anywhere  which we have discussed in the previous post.

3. Make payments

Already many online banking sectors are using this safe technique to send and receive payments securely and safely without breaking any information.You can protect your banking passwords just by creating a QR code or by scanning the QR code given by your bank. You will find an easy way making the payments with the QR code.

4. Secret messages

It is very difficult to share your words when there is a group of people sitting around you. If you have something to say for the special person in the form of messages. Just generate a QR code by leaving a message in it and ask your friend to scan it through the smartphone and your message will be read out by the person without letting anyone know about it. It is the most creative ways to use QR codes smartly

5. QR codes in electronics

If you bought a new electronic device with super specifications and you wonder how to use it? to put a solution for this you don’t need to go to a store or a helping website. You just copy the manual URL of the electronic device and generate a QR code and paste on your devices. When a doubt arrives just scan the code and get the required information in the quick time.

6. Close the information smartly

Invite your friends to any function by closing the address with QR code and let them know that you are very smart in using the technology. Provide the location access to the event/function in QR code format and send it to them by showing all the start and stop positions on the map.

Creative ways to use QR codes

QR codes are the new era of using the information between the individual smartly and geeky. You don’t need any extra skills to generate or use QR code. Just use the website that generates QR code and scans it with your smartphone. By using the above tips and tricks you can put security to your passwords and conversations with out revealing them. Some of the best QR code generators are Goqr and kaywa

Lets us know how the post creative ways to use QR codes helped you and also let us know how you use the QR codes in everyday life in the comments section.

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