Charge Your Phone Fastly In Less Time

It’s really a bad dream to think that your phone’s battery is dead or low while you are willing to move out on your work. However you can’t charge your phone fastly within limited period of time. Hardly it may increase battery by 5% to 10% which drains out within few minutes by running apps in background. How to avoid this in future? Read our tips and tricks on how to charge your phone fastly.

Charge your phone fastly with simple tips and tricks:

When to charge your phone:

Many of the people starts charging their phone even though they have 70%-80% of battery level. But it won’t help your battery to stay long. Better observe that when you charge your phone to 100% level it starts draining your battery by 10%-15% fastly even with normal activity and remaining level stands long. By charging your phone frequently without limit it decreases battery capacity to store power and decreases battery period.

Always it’s better idea charge your phone when battery level is between 15%-30% and phone battery does not need to be fully charged, a partial charge is better.

Switch to Airplane mode:

Charge your phone fastly

while you are about to charge your phone switch to airplane mode because the less you use your phone, the more quickly it charges battery. Airplane mode disables all wireless networks on your device, and reduces the battery consumption and this eventually increases your battery levels as there are no networks to consume battery power.

Now it won’t receive any calls, messages or notifications due to airplane mode, but it is worth to make your phone to stand longer from minutes to next few hours. After your phone reaches required battery level disable airplane mode and use it normally as before.

Plugging and Charging:

Every phone that you buy on store will offer you company standard charging plug along with your phone package. That plug or adaptor offered by phone company carries maximum potential to drive fast charging capacity by supplying required volts to your phone’s battery.

keep in mind that using other phones charger will not make your phone charge fast instead it increases the time of charging by double duration and make sure that not to connect your phone charging through pc it takes hours to increase your battery level instead move to your own charging plug to charge it fastly.

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Turn off your phone:

Turning your phone off will completely maximize your phone to charge even more fastly than the airplane mode and battery saving mode. You may miss some calls and messages but you need to live with that battery level.

Things to do while charging:

charge phone fastly

Turn off all your wireless networks to charge fast and while charging your phone keep it away undisturbed and avoid awaking your phone screen by checking your phone again and again. Do not unplug and plug continuously. Make it charge continuously without any disturbance.

Tip of the topic:

Make sure to follow all the tips carefully, for a better chances of charging faster follow quick tips and tricks.

  • Turn off wireless networks.
  • Close battery draining apps.
  • Plug to right charger.
  • Do not disturb while charging.
  • charge continuously.

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