Why A Breakfast Must Have Within Hour Of Waking Time?



If you are running out of time without first meal or missing your early hungry in the morning, keep in mind that missing breakfast is equivalent to making yourself decreasing your life time.

You may consider it as a minor mistake in hurry to miss the food or even there was people who aims that missing breakfast helps to lose weight or avoid gaining extra weight. But, the thing you must consider is that avoiding or missing breakfast greatly reduces metabolism rate due to the lack and loss of power in the body.

So, the quicker you add energy to your body with a healthy breakfast, the better it deserves to keep you energetic.

Time to eat?


Most of the successful dieters stated that their perfect diet starts with the early breakfast within one hour of their waking time. This is to show you that the quicker you take food, the better you get perfect diet.

The perfect time to take your breakfast is to have it within an hour or even less time of your waking up time. This helps to reduce the risk of gaining extra weight and further health problems and moreover it changes mood from bad to good.

Best benefit of having food within an hour changes your food taking style when compared to that of taking late food. By eating early your blood levels and insulin levels are maintained under control by boosting metabolism rate.

If you wait too long for your first meal, you could develop of habit of taking fatty foods, over hungry and increased food intake.

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What should you eat?

Before taking a meal, drink one glass of water as it cleans the stomach. Your first meal of the day should include a sufficient amount of carbohydrates, proteins, sugar foods and healthy fats. And your meal should have rich protein food like boiled egg, oats, fruit juice and more.

Quick benefits of having breakfast:

1. Increases metabolism rate.

2. Balances and controls blood and insulin levels.

3. Decreases hungry levels.

4. Swings up mood levels.

5. Reduces risk of over weight.

6. Supplies sufficient energy to body.

7. Reduces quick anger levels.

8.  Boosts activeness throughout the day.

Tip of the Topic:

Having a meal in morning boosts the body mentally and physically. Improper intake or avoiding of food causes major impacts on health. Always take good and hygienic food in time without waiting too long. And remember breakfast is must important for the healthy and happy day.

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