3 Best Ways To Upgrade Android Operating System

Android is the leading Operating System when it comes to the market of Smartphone operating system. Android OS is an open source project, thus the competition is quite tough for other OS available. In this post, we will let you know the best ways to upgrade Android operating system.

Google also releases its Android successor every year with added new features. All the new features or up-gradations are need of that particular time period. The upgraded features are developed with lowest chances of vulnerabilities, thus comparison among other Operating System becomes tougher.

Updating your Smartphone or tablet is not a big deal, but you should follow some basic instructions before doing this. You should keep your Android device updated to take benefits of the up-gradations.

Don’t you know the advantages of updating your Android device? Here I have compiled a small list of those advantages that will surely give you the reason to update your Android device. Holiday season and shopping is always around the corner, but buying a new smart phone can always be postponed if your already owned device is up-to-date.

1. Touch responsiveness of your Android device increases dramatically.

2. The whole layout becomes more eye-catchy.

3. Device’s accessing and handling becomes better.

4. Responsiveness of your device also increases, resulting the file sharing becomes easier, fast and efficient.

5. GPS navigation becomes faster with the up-gradation.

6. You will be able to unlock newer apps and games that were not possible with the older version.

7. And the best thing you experience completely new features in the same Smartphone.

Before updating your Android device you should follow some steps that will be proved to help you later. Check out the basic things you should do before going for Upgrade Android operating system.

Check your Android status

If you haven’t updated your Smartphone since you owned it, then updating your device may take more time and will need a consistent strong internet connection. As an example, if you owned a device with Jelly Bean OS then after updating your device you will get the latest version of Android (current latest Android OS “Nougat”).


Before proceeding for up-gradation you must backup all your data and files. If something went wrong during updating your Android device it may be very difficult to recover your data. You must do backup your data regularly using some popular backup apps available.

Check your space

Always check your space before updating your Android device. Your update will need some additional space to download and if you have insufficient space you may need to uninstall some of the apps, pictures, or other files from your device. Make room for your update and use a secure internet connection or Wi-Fi.


Your device can get an up-gradation after rooting. If you think your device can be updated then choose to root to get that up-gradation. After rooting if there is an update available you will get the latest version of Android at that time. This is also a benefit of rooting. You will get new and advanced features that were not available on your device before.

Steps for updating your Android Smartphone:

upgrade android operating system

It is one of the safest and the easiest way to upgrade Android operating system. This process won’t takes a bigger time and can be completed safely and securely.

Step – 1: Establish a secure internet connection (prefer Wi-Fi) – Swipe down the screen from the top and go to the Wi-Fi icon. Connect it with the Wi-Fi connection available. Updating your Android device over Wi-Fi is the most reliable and secures way.

Step – 2: Reach your device’s setting and opens it – The setting button or widget can be in between your device apps icons or simply you can reach there by swiping your device from the top.

Step – 3: Scroll down and reach About Device – In Smartphone it will be as “About Phone’. Just reach to About Phone and tap it.

Step – 4: Tap update – After tapping about device you will find “Software Update” option at the top of the option’s list. Depending on your device manufacturer or the Android version you are running, the update option may be listed as “System Firmware Update”.

Step – 5: Check for the Updates – After tapping Software Update option you will reach to “Update Now” option. Tap it once and your device will search for the updates available.

Step – 6: Tap Update – If there will be an update available for your device you will find an “Update” or “Install” option. If none of these options comes, it means your device has the current Android version and no need to update your Android device.

Step – 7: Update – The update button may also come as “Install System Software” or “Reboot and Install”. The downloading and installation will be preceded after tapping these buttons.

Step – 8: Wait to complete the installation – Your device will be started automatically when the up-gradation or installation finishes.

Update your device’s Android version using your desktop:

upgrade android operating system

If you are having trouble by practising above method you can try method-2 to upgrade Android operating system using the desktop/PC.

Step – 1: Open your desktop browser and visit your Android device manufacturer’s website – You may need to enter your device’s specific information or may have to register your Android device.   

Step – 2: Download your device software – The name of your device manufacturer’s software may vary. For example, if you own a Samsung device then you will find its software named as “Kies” and if your device is Motorola then its software will be named as “MDM”.

Step – 3: Return to the download page – Return to the download page to check the updates available or not.

Step – 4: Check for Updates – Your device’s update will come as a file that can be downloaded. Download that file.

Step – 5: Connect your device via USB to your computer – Use the USB cable to connect your device to the desktop.

Step – 6: Management Application – Open your device’s management application.

Step – 7: Click on Update – Tapping “Update” command will start downloading and installing updates to your Android device.

Update Android device through Rooting ROM:

upgrade android operating system

Step – 1: Backup your device – Before updating your Android device always backup your Android device. You will find many backup apps on Google PlayStore, download any of the app and backup all your data. We should always backup our data; even if you lost your Smartphone you can recover all the data with backup.

Step – 2: Search a rooting software online – Use your desktop browser and search for rooting software for your device.

Step – 3: Download software – Follow the instructions and download the software.

Step – 4: Connect your Android device to your desktop – Using a USB cable connect your Android device to your desktop where you have downloaded the rooting software.

Step – 5: Open rooting software – Open the download rooting software on your desktop.

Step – 6: Start rooting – Follow the prompts or instructions to complete the whole rooting process.

Step – 7: Restart your Android device – After rooting, restart your Android device. Now you can enjoy the new features of the up-gradation installed.

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Android is the current leader of Operating System for Smartphones, tablets and other Android devices no doubt. The best part of Android Operating System, it brings new updating features every year.

I have listed the benefits of updating the OS of an Android device above. As for me, up-gradation of Android means to access brand new features on the same old Smartphone or other Android devices. You don’t have to buy new Smartphone built with the latest Android launched.

The global market of Android devices provides a bigger platform for its manufactures. Many newer brands have listed their name in the top Android devices manufacturer’s list in a very small time period. Now Android users have multiple options available in the market of Android devices especially Smartphones.

Let us know which methods do you use to upgrade Android operating system easily and let your friends know the ways to upgrade android system by sharing the post.

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