Best Tech News Apps For Android And iPhone To Stay Updated

Technology is the world that we are living now and experiencing now. I think there is no one in the computer generation who neglects the technology. Earlier human-made the technology but at present technology is ruling the people. These strong words are enough to describe the importance of technology in one word. And today in this post, I will be sharing a top and best tech news apps that make you updated every day.

Firstly I would like to question you, are you a kind of person who hesitates to find updates on technology? Definitely 90% of the people says that they would love to get in touch with updates on technology from time to time. You should prefer to work on getting latest updates on technology because the technology is the type of industry which tends to change from time to time. If you are one step away from knowing the updates on technology, then you will be in the group of the crowd and if you are the first person to get updates on technology then you will be the master to lead the crowd. To make you the first person on the internet to know the latest releases and changes in technology we have shortlisted few best tech news apps for Android and iPhone users.

Best tech news apps for Android, iPhone:

1. Tech News

Tech news app is developed by the Pinenuts Android Developers, who created the most popular app called Fast News. They have very good experience in collecting the latest news from all the corners. The app is designed with beautiful UI with the blue and white combination. This app collects all the latest tech news from all the corners of the world. The best part of the app is that it places all the latest news carrier in the front row and values your time to get better news in less time. Tech news brings all the new releases and tech launches from the top most and trusted sites via RSS feed.

best Tech news apps

It shows the latest technology news from the top sites like Gizmodo, CNet, SlashDot, Ars Technica, Wired. Engadget, TechCrunch, Mashable and much more. If you are missing any of your favourite sites you can manually add it to the app and if you are bored of any websites information you can easily uncheck the website to stop receiving feeds from that particular sites. In one word tech news is the app that can be easily customisable according to your interests and preferences without any slow loadings.

Download Tech News Android app

2. Fossbytes — Tech & Linux News

Fossybytes is the app that deals with all the latest tech news and the Linux news. If you are a programmer or tech enthusiast then fossybytes will be a great source to find all the latest tech news at one place. It delivers you all the latest technology, hacking, Linux news, software, gadgets and open source news.


Now the best part that I love about this app is that you can easily bookmark the article you loved and you can share your loved articles within a tap with quick social sharing option on top of the posts. Shortbytes is the best feature that is only offered by Fossbytes that lets you know the complete news of the article with a short description with important points. With this feature, you can read the news in seconds and if you want in-depth news you can open the source to read on the app the with full article. Again the best part of this tech news apps is that you can easily turn on Night Mode to protect your eyes in the dark and the notification bar helps you notify all the latest news, you can easily turn on/turn off these notifications on the main screen itself.

Download Fossbytes for Android

3. Appy Geek

Appy Geek is available for both the Android and iPhone devices developed by the News Republic. It’s black and white UI makes it comfortable to read the news without any hesitation. Here in this app, you will find solid articles from the top trusted and licensed sources all over the world. Their app design makes us think that we are viewing the beautiful photo gallery of different genres.

Appy Geek

It works as the breaking news coverage for all of your technology interests and needs. In this app, you no need to worry about the opening link of the source as they open in the app itself with complete article. The amazing feature that made me love this app was that its animation feature of trending topics that makes you never leave trends in technology. Definitely, you won’t be bored in this app, if you feel so you can react to the news, comment on the news and also you can easily share the news with the social media. If you are looking for the best tech news apps for Android &iOS (iPhone) then this app will be most recommended from us.

Download the app from Android, iOS

4. iGeeky – Gadget News and Tech Updates

iGeeky is available for both Android and iOS versions for free of cost. In this app, you will find all the fresh and top latest releases and technology news from time to time. They gather the tech news from all the top trusted brands like Gizmodo, AppleInsider, Mashable and much more.


Its light design gives good experience for both the Android and iPhone smartphones. iGeeky brings you all your favourite and industry level trusted sources onto one place. Daily thousands of articles are updated into the iGeek mobile app from all the tech industry experts. You can easily customise the menu by switching to different layouts if you have any problems with the text size you can easily increase or decrease the text size from quick menu options.

Download the app from Android, iOS

5. Flipboard

Flipboard is the most advanced app with lots of features that are not available in any other apps. It can be the best tech news apps for Android and iOS.Flipboard is the news aggregator which cover wide varieties of collections among worldwide from different sources of the internet. It delivers its posts to millions of readers according to their passion and interests.


Flipboard offers all the popular stories on the internet from different sources and the articles are shared by millions of its readers every day. It is fully customisable app to match accordingly to your news interests and trends. It is designed much differently from other apps, in Flipboard you need to flip the page to read new stories. Flipping the pages is the unique feature offered by Flipboard that makes you never ever feel routine and it sounds very good to read by flipping the pages. You can create your magazines by selecting your passionate interests. All the important stories are hand-picked by their editorial team to deliver the best of news. You can engage with the Flipboard members by sharing your passionate interests. Flipping the pages and collecting the stories are the best part of the Flipboard that makes you never leave the app.

Download for free Android, iOS

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Tip of the Topic:

We have collected all the top and best tech news apps for Android and iOS devices. It took really a long time to collect the best tech news apps that make you updated with the latest tech news and releases. Now I’m sure that you will never miss any of the latest tech news and gadgets releases. If we missed out any of the most useful and powerful tech apps you can write to us in the comments section and let us know which of the above tech apps you prefer to use on your smartphone.

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