Best Positions Of Placing Security Cameras At Home

The best way to secure your house from thieves is to protect it and secure it. Nowadays we have seen the importance of placing security cameras at home. In this post, we will guide you to the best positions of placing security cameras at home.

Though you have placed security camera you are not secured enough as you think because of its placement. Placing of the security cameras involves in many positions but only a few positions can protect your home and secure you.

Here we will help you on taking best positions of placing security cameras at home for increased security and protection.

Tips to place security cameras:

  1. Almost in 80% of the cases, thieves enter through the entrance door, so place your camera on your entrance. Placing the camera on the front door has many advantages such as using the camera as a digital window to see who is outside the door.
  2. If you are placing the camera outside of the home be sure to provide a roof protection for it.
  3. Don’t place the camera on lower heights, if you place them at the lower height it would be easier for the burglars to destroy the cameras.
  4. Place the camera at a good height so that the camera will be in safe position and you can monitor more area on the camera.
  5.  Place the camera at important locations such as entrance, back door and corridor.
  6. Choose the best camera which can focus effectively and can deliver clear moments even in low light.
  7. Fix your camera at a visible location with good height so that burglars can fear of being caught in the camera.
  8. Placing security cameras at home should follow few security patterns such as one camera should spy on another camera so that no back door will be provided to escape from the security cameras.

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Tip of the Topic:

Arranging of security cameras at home is the best idea to monitor your house and your surroundings. Enabling security features to your house can add extra security and protection to your house.

Additional steps also are taken to extend the camera life by cleaning it time to time and servicing the camera with professional experts. You should use clear monitor screens to watch every moment recorded in the security camera if you notice any changes in camera functioning quickly repair or replace it with a new security camera.

If we missed any important tips or if you have additional tips we love to hear from you in the form of a comments section.

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  1. Tony A. says:

    I like to put mine where they’re very, very obvious in order to deter burglars
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  2. John says:

    Great article I also like the tip about placing roof protection for the camera! AWESOME Blog!
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    Thanks Sandeep for your valuable tips.

    Your ideas are highly appreciated and it has changed my perceptions too.Your article is very helpful to identify camera positions.Before reading your post I was not aware of these

    Placing camera is always important for identifying crime.If you have to travel away from home on business or are away on holiday then you can access the cameras from wherever you are and check everything is as it should be. This way you don’t need to ask neighbors to keep popping around to keep an eye on things unless there is a specific problem that arises.So if these are placed properly it will give you a positive feedback.

  6. Thank you for your useful tips! Placing cameras in your space to safeguard property. I really loved your blog.
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