5 of Best Offline games for Android to play in 2019

We have seen many of the popular Android games that work only with the help of active internet connection. For few, it is very to connect as they have enough phone signals and active internet connection. But, when you stuck in a place where your internet can’t be reached, you end up the day as bored without playing games on your android device. Here in this post, we will let you know on the Best offline games for android

The major disadvantage with online games is that it consumes more data and more battery. And it is time-consuming and money consuming. The best alternative for online games is to play offline games for Android which saves your data and consumes less battery.

Thankfully, we got a collection of the best offline games for android without an internet connection. You can play these games without any WiFi or data.

1. Soul Knight

best offline games for android

This game is about bringing back the magical stone which was stolen by the high-tech aliens. All you need to do is, kill the aliens and complete the mission. To kill the enemies you need to collect crazy weapons, dodge bullets and level up the game. Here you will find about 170+ weapons to destroy the enemies

While coming to the gaming experience, Soul Knight is the smooth game with easy and intuitive controls. It plays with a metal soundtrack.  Smash the enemies by unlocking the weapons to complete the challenge.

It is one of the best offline shooting games for android

Download and play Soul Knight

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2. Paper Wings

best offline games for android

Paper Wings would be the best and easy game for the people who love the birds. It is the bird focussed game in which you need to direct the bird in a safe way by crossing the obstacles. The bird should collect the coins in order to alive and to advance the stages in the game. Every stage in the game is filled with new challenges to make the game more fun and tougher.

Unlock the new birds to finish the game. Paper Wings game is very easy to play as it involves guiding the bird in the air, collecting the coins, avoiding the hazards and unlocking the other birds to finish the game.

Paper Wings is one of the best offline arcade games for android.

Download and play Paper Wings

3. Space Marshals 2

best offline action games for android

Space Marshals 2 is the tactical combat and stealth action in outer space which is available for free in the android store. The game comes with the 20 action missions with adventures set in the outer space. It comes with weapons like throwing of weapons to the firing of advanced guns.

The Space Marshals 2 can be played with over 70 different weapons with HD graphics. And it comes with the dual stick controls and supports the gamepad controller.

If you interesting in playing the action games offline, Space Marshals 2 is the best offline action games for android.

Download and play Space Marshals 2 

4. I Love Hue

best offline puzzle games for android

I Love Hue is the colour grid puzzle game and it is one of the best offline games for android freeThe theme of the game is to reorder mosaics of coloured tiles into perfectly ordered spectrums. Puzzle game lovers will love playing this beautifully crafted game.

All you need to do is, reorder the coloured tiles to form a perfect spectrum. It’s just like tile-swapping and colour matching puzzle. The games come with a modern aesthetic design with a soothing synth soundtrack.

The game is easy and interesting but to finish the game you should solve the 300 levels involved in the game. In one word match the colours, recorder, check similar colour differences and solve a coloured puzzle.

I love Hue is the best offline puzzle games for android

Download and play I Love Hue

5. Adventure Llama

best offline games for android

Adventure Llama is the adventure game in which the Pablo explores the ancient ruins built by Inca LIama of the past. Pablo is different among the other animals which eat grass all day.

In this game, Pablo runs inside the temples to find the truth about the native LIamas of the lost time. As the part of adventures, Pablo gets lots of shiny gold artefacts. By finishing the level you get LIama money which is used to unlock new worlds or cool costumes.

The game is all about Jump, run and solve puzzles

Adventure LIama is one of the best offline adventure games for android

Download and play Adventure LIama

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Best Offline games for Android

We hope that the post on 5 best offline games for Android has helped you in finding the best offline games for your smartphone. These offline games don’t need any type of data or the internet. You can play these games for free once you install them on your smartphone

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You never need to worry about the signal strength and data, because you can play these game without any connection. With these games, your phone will be free from overheating and a quick drop in charging on your smartphone when compared to online games.

If we have missed out any of the best free offline games for android you can write to us through the comments section and help the coming visitors. And also let us know the best offline games for android that you played on your smartphone.

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