Best Local SEO Ranking Factors To Dominate Search Results

We are living in the world full of internet and its content there is no space to your blog until you create something new and interesting. When I started blogging I was not so aware of SEO and its techniques but later on, I have realised that SEO is the main magical key behind getting huge traffic from the search engines. Here in this post, we will guide you on Best local SEO ranking factors to dominate search results. 

SEO is not constant it changes from time to time and when it comes to local SEO you need to work time to time by evaluating your results by checking them all the time. Local SEO ranking factors involve in involves target regions and the target audiences. The perfect SEO strategy is that you should perform well onsite and offsite SEO to satisfy your clients and the local business customers. If you are not on the top of search results you can follow the below steps and jump onto the top of the search results.

1. Submit your site to local directories

Blog directory is crucial in branding your blog authority in various aspects. There are many blog directories available on the internet but as to involve local SEO strategy you need to concentrate on submitting your blog to local directories. If your business is in India and you submit your blog to US directories then there is nothing reasonable to rank your blog. Instead, try listing your local business to local directories and provide correct details about your business. Add the details like business timings, services and the ratings. By providing such details google considers your business blog as the trusted source and pushes your blog to search results.

2. Title and description

Title and description are very crucial steps involve in knowing what your business actually offers. Include the local details like city, phone number and deals you offer. Google supports about 50-60 word characters for your title so use it wisely and don’t fill it with unnecessary spaces. Add your business lace in your title tag. And most importantly describe your local business by adding a phone number to trust your post in search results. Once you have reached the first position on search results don’t leave it aside because SEO tends to change quickly as it has many ranking factors. If you are not aware of creating the SEO friendly title and descriptions you can read it from the Search engine watch blog.

3. List your business in business directories

The very clever step in promoting your business in search engines is to submit your business links to local business directories. You should also list your business in Google business listings which follow the verification process by a PIN to confirm that you own a business. Your task is not at all over by submitting the business, you should cross check that whether you have chosen the right category or not.

To attract the visitors and the search engines you need to upload the business pictures and videos with some attractive quotations

4. Respond to comments

If you are having poor SEO skills and you still try to rank high on google then you should definitely concentrate on developing the content from the scratch. Online reviews are important to trust your online business. Ask your clients or customers to review your business services and ask them to support your business. If you receive any comments on your website, respond to the comments and interact with them. Google and many major search engines rank the posts which have good interaction between the visitor and the business. So concentrate on replying your visitor comments and attract them to come back to your site.

5. Speed matters

There is another major local SEO ranking factor is that your website speed and its design. Divide your website with a clear navigation system and make sure your visitor get attracted to your website. The lazy speed of the websites can kill your online business. Eliminate all the heavy codings on your website and make your website load faster and decrease the ads on the pages which lacks the website load time. check your website speed using the Pingdom tools and reduce your loading time.

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6. Host and domain

Your domain is the main character of your business and its extension rules your ranking region. Choose the domain extension based on the country importance. Hosting is another important factor to move your business on wings. Try using the local hosts than the international hosting services. If you are from India try to use Indian servers to serve faster speed. Use well optimized hosting servers that are reliable and affordable. You can try Bluehost

Local SEO ranking factors

We hope that the post on Top local SEO ranking factors helped you in improving your business search results. Still, if you are having a hard time or if you use any other methods to rank local SEO you can write to us through the comments section. If you find the post useful and helpful share it with your friends and spread the information.

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