7 Best iPhone X Accessories You Can Buy Now

Most recently Apple released its latest smartphones and among them, iPhone X is the best of iPhone smartphones till the date. The smartphone comes with outstanding features and it is said to be a fully functional smartphone. The craze of iPhone smartphones in the world made its fans go mad for it. In this post, we will cover the best iPhone X accessories to buy.

At the Apple launch event, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8S was released but the centre of attraction was made on the iPhone X model. The phone comes with the best ever face recognition technology that unlocks the phone by recognizing the face. Before the sale of iPhones begins in the market gets ready with the latest iPhone X accessories.

Best iPhone X accessories

Wireless speaker

iPhone wireless speakers

Apple is very good at introducing the most innovative products and features at all the time. We have seen many wired speakers for listening to music but the apple users can easily use the wireless speakers and enjoy with the party mood. This wireless speaker comes with 360-degree bold and immerse sound in every direction and controlled by the Siri assistant to play, pause or stop the music. The wireless speakers come with Waterproof IPX7-rated, dirt-proof and shock-proof features. It is available only at Apple store for the price of $199.95

Buy from the Apple store ($199.95)


iPhone X silicon case

iPhone X accessories

As we know very well iPhone is very expensive and very easy to damage when dropped or misused. But you can protect your iPhone x from all the worries and damages by protecting it with the case that holds the phone steadily and protects your phone from all the sides. Here we have listed the silicon case that is capable of protecting your iPhone X from all the scratches and damages. This case was made to the official Apple store and it is available at the price of $39

Buy from apple store ($39)

iPhone X Airpods

iPhone X airpods

With iPhones, the best thing you can experience is its wireless audio support with airpods. Airpods are the revolutionary makeover for the new level of hearing the audio songs without any wired connections. These airpods come with the wireless technology that turns on the audio when you put them on ears and turns off the audio when you remove the airpods. Airpods works with the help of the sensors installed in it like the motion sensor and dual optical sensors. with airpods, you can enjoy rich audio voice, switching between the devices and quick charging. You can control the airpods for some other functions by activating the Siri assistant with a double-tap.

Buy now for the price of ($159)

iPhone lighting dock

iPhone lightning dock

This feature can only be enjoyed by the iPhone users. The Lightning dock allows the iPhone users to sync and charge an iPhone that has the lightning connector. You can use the dock to charge your phone by connecting it with USB cable. You can connect powered speakers or headphones with a 3.5mm audio jack to keep listening to music while you sync/charge your phone. It is available in the Apple store with 4 colour variants

Buy now at the price of ($49)

iPhone mophie power station

mophie power station

The iPhone power station will be only available at the official Apple store and can’t be found at outer stores. It is a complete battery kit with carrying sleeve, power station plus XL universal battery, Switch-tip cable and Quick start guide. This power station comes with the capacity of 12,000 mAh universal battery and there will be an additional USB port for charging two devices at the same time. With this power station, you can enjoy charging your iPhone whenever and wherever on your go. It has the power of 2.1-amp output to charge your iPhone and it shows the battery charging level shown by a LED indicator.

Buy from Apple ($129.95)

Joby GripTight POV Kit

Joby GripTight POV Kit

Taking the better selfies everytime may not be possible because some of the images may come with shaken photos and some of them come with missed friends from the images. To avoid the blurry images and add more friends to your camera you can use iPhone holder that catches your phone with grip tight. You can capture beautiful photos and it comes with the integrated bluetooth trigger that enables to capture photos and videos from a distance. It is very easy to carry as it comes with lightweight design and modular design

Buy from the Apple store ($39.95)

Beats wireless over-ear headphones

beats wireless headphones

As we discussed the wireless feature of listening audio with the airpods, here we have a wireless over-ear headphones that have the same functions of the apple airpods. These headphones come with pure adaptive noise cancelling that external noises.  This headphone is very battery efficient for the reason for providing 3 hours of play with the charge of 10 minutes. Wireless system works with the Apple W1 chip for Class 1 Wireless Bluetooth connectivity and it provides an attractive look and comes with comfort design.

Buy from the Apple store ($349.95)

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Best iPhone X accessories

Here we have listed out the best accessories for iPhone X. If you are planning to buy an iPhone X, check out the best accessories for your smartphone. Above we have listed out all the accessories that are essential for the iPhone users to enjoy most out of the iPhone features. If we missed out any best iPhone X accessories you can write to us through the comments section and share a post to help your iPhone friends.

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