Best Cool Websites To Visit Everyday When Bored

Hello readers, here we have an interesting post to share with you that refreshes your free time. We are not a programmed robot to perform the tasks continuously without any break. We feel bored when we tired of doing the routine type of work or else when we have no work to do in spare time. This boring time will totally occupy us with laziness and to make you refreshed there are many best cool websites to visit every day when bored.

Here in this post, we have gathered some of the most interesting websites in the world of internet that fulfil your bored out time. The only way to push out the laziness in you is to refresh your mind with most interesting topics that improve your knowledge and make you feel well updated. Let’s jump into our topic and find out the best cool websites to visit every day.

Best cool websites to visit when bored

1. Bored Panda

The name might confuse you as it says bored. But to be frank you will no longer feel bored by visiting this awesome website. This website deals with the best of photographs that happened in the funniest manner that makes you laugh and break a break for a second. It offers all the interesting stuff on the internet with eye-catching titles. I think from now you won’t be bored again. Check them now and fill up your bored time.


GIPHY is the worlds best interesting website to share the trending GIFs & Animated Stickers online. Here you can find all the trending GIFs, unique GIFs and funny GIFs from all around the world. It has a wide range of categories to select and choose the best GIFs. If you have very bad bored time, then you can create your own animated GIFs by just placing a video link. This is the great website to hang on your bored time.

3. Flipboard

It is the best news aggregator website with huge collections of fashion, technology, latest trends and much more. Here you will find a large number of interesting trending news which is shared by millions of users from worldwide. You can select your preferred interests on topic and it will show case the best and the top most happenings in the world. Flipboard has the unique UI with flipping the pages to move to next posts. Here you can learn and know the best things in the world at your finger tips. In one word collect, read and share as a personal magazine.

4. StumbleUpon

If you are looking for random posts that surprise you with interesting topics then StumbleUpon is there for you. Select the categories you have interested and then it will show you different posts from different websites. And you won’t feel bored here because you may not know which post comes on to screen on the next post. You can stumble your favourite posts within a click and also you can easily like and dislike the post as you do on social media sites.

5. TED

TED is the ideas sharing platform with most influenced people on the internet. This website brings the most innovative ideas and most successful people in one place. You can find the future ideas and cleared innovative projects. TED offers events from all over the world to share the most interesting and innovative ideas. You can easily understand and participate in the events and also TED provides interesting videos for easy understanding from great experiences.

6. Quora

Quora is the world’s biggest question and answer website in the world with millions of questions and answers from various people. In Quora, if you have any question you can post it on the website and in a short while you will be answered from common people to professional people for free. You can also read others posts and suggestions and can engage or follow with your interests. Definitely, this will be the best website to visit when bored out with most interesting questions and answers.

7. Reddit

It is said to be the front page of the internet with various topics posted in it. It has millions of readers from worldwide and it is one of the biggest online community on the internet. Here you can find and share most interesting things on the internet with a single click. On the front page of this website, you can find the most rated posts with upvotes and comments from the community members. Only the best and interesting posts appear on the front page so that means you can spend your time by watching/reading the more rated topics.

8. Unbelievable facts

It is the one among the most interesting websites on the internet which provide Unbelievable facts in the world. I had come to know about this website from the social media and found that this website will be more useful for the people who are bored out of their time. Here you will find all the interesting facts that are unknown and unbelievable for us. You will be entertained with the best facts and the best posts. Join them on the facebook for more interesting facts.

9. BuzzFeed

I think you have already heard about this website in any of your social media networks. This website has got a great craze on the internet and it is famous for creating viral content on the internet. This is the all in one website which covers breaking news, celebs, foods, recipes and trending videos. They cover all the latest updates from time to time and you won’t feel bored again when you visit the BuzzFeed.

10. WikiHow

WikiHow is the top most cool websites to visit when bored to eliminate the boring time in you. Here you can find all type of information with expert answers with the detailed manner by including the pictures for easy understanding. You can find a solution to your questions by searching your queries in the search bar. In this website for every post, you will have the community answers for frequent questions and also you can find additional tips for your search terms.

11. Do nothing for 2 minutes

Here, we are at the right website for your search term on the cool websites to visit when bored out. As the name itself indicates that you should do nothing for 2 minutes. When you open the website it starts the timer with the wave sounds with beautiful background on the screen. And the twist is that you should not touch mouse or keyboard until the time completes. If you move or touch mouse/keyboard the timer again resets to 2 minutes. This website was designed to reduce your stress levels and make you feel relaxed.

12. Google trends

Google trends, it is the ultimate collection of all the trending news on the internet. Here you will find all the trending collections on the internet. You can find the trending posts by choosing the country and the categories. It explores all the interesting updates on the internet from several websites. By visiting google trends you will never miss any important updates on the world. Definitely google trends will be one of the cool websites to visit when bored.

13. Buzzsumo

It is very similar to google trends website where you will find the most shared content on the internet. Here you will come to know the most shared posts on the internet from time to time.

14. 99U

99U website is very similar to TED website. Here you will find all the cool interesting topics on the internet. You will find interviews, videos, talks and articles. You can learn more knowledge from this website and the TED website.

15. Engrish

No one is perfect in English as we commit certain spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. This website brings the pictures of the poor English mistakes that made the pictures look very funny. every picture on this website makes you laugh for its poor English usage.

16. Cracked

It is the American humour site loaded lots of funny videos, pictures and articles. Here you will find everything funny and interesting. Best funny website to visit to eliminate you bored time.

We hope this post helped you know the best cool websites to visit when bored. And also let us know the most interesting websites to visit on the internet in the comments section.

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