Best Android Converter Apps You Should Check Out Now

There are numerous file types and quite often there is a demand to convert them to another file format. Therefore, there are many interesting converters available on Android, and not only on your desktop computer. Nowadays it’s possible to change a document format, to convert various units and currencies, even to convert youtube video into an MP3 file and many other things. In a nutshell, these apps can make your daily calculations, document management and other professional activities a breeze. That is why today we’ll show you some best android converter apps, a real treasure, that you maybe didn’t know about.

1. Unit Converter:

Let’s start with a first thing that crosses your mind when you think of conversion. Of course, a unit converter. However, this isn’t an ordinary unit converter app. This powerful application has it all: from exchange rates, shoe numbers, to cooking measures and timezone converters. What separates this unit converter from others is a variety of categories, presented in a well-organized manner. Since it has a very intuitive interface, you can easily find what you need and get your results in a flash.
Unit Converter will give you a hand with foreign currencies while travelling, with daily calculations and many more everyday situations.
Download Unit Converter

2. Image to Excel:

Now let’s move on to some exotic, really rare specimens of android converter apps. Image to Excel converter is a unique app on the Google Play. Probably you didn’t even imagine that it’s possible to convert images to Excel spreadsheets on your Android phone. Just snap a photo of your paper document and turn it into a digital format. As a result, you won’t lose your time on retyping your hard copies. Also, unlike regular scanner apps, this handy app gives you an editable document, so you can modify it and work on it immediately.
Image to Excel will help you manage your invoices, receipts, different lists and other documents.
Download Image to Excel

3. Smart Voice Assistant:

Naturally, there are more interesting and distinctive apps on the Play Store and Smart Voice Assistant is one of them definitely. This useful app allows you to control your phone by a voice which is pretty helpful when your hands are busy. Just set up keywords and record yourself in order to activate voice recognition. Afterwards, just say your command and your smartphone will do the rest. Smart Voice Assistant also converts voice into text, so you can dictate your texts, but social media post, as well. Perfect for all lazy bugs!
This app is convenient when you need to make calls or text while you’re driving or simply to manage your Android effortlessly. It is one of the best and smart android converter apps.
Download Smart Voice Assistant

4. Vodox:

Once we covered audio to text converter, it’s fair to mention text to speech converter as well. Vodox allows you to transform text into an audio file. It’s possible to enter the text, copy text from different documents or to take a picture of a printed text and convert it into speech.  Likewise, there is an option to translate the text and have Vodox read it in another language. Great feature for all language learners, bilinguals, or anybody who needs to translate different documents for research, presentation and other purposes.

Vodox is an essential app for all audio persons, whether you prefer to listen to your books or to study and revise easier.
Download Vodox here.

5. MP3 Converter:

Last but not the least, an app for all music lovers. MP3 Converter will help you play a different kind of music files without a hitch on your Android. Practically, it converts your music and videos to MP3, and from MP3 files to various formats. Likewise, it is possible to convert files from cloud services. MP3 Converter will be of great help anytime when you can’t play one of your favourite songs because the track isn’t a file type supported by your smartphone. However, it’s a pretty useful tool for audio editing when you manage various file formats.

MP3 Converter is a must-have app for music fans who can’t imagine their life without music.
Download MP3 Converter

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Tip of the topic:

Above mentioned android apps are very useful for quick converting process and they help you in minimising your tasks efforts. If you are looking for one app to function multiple tasks then these apps help you a lot.

And that would be all for now. Is there any other android converter apps you gladly use and find it useful? Help us grow our list and suggest your favourites in comments.


Sandrina Rodgers is a Community Manager for Cometdocs, a free online document conversion tool that offers a large set of document conversions that can't be found anywhere else. She is a coffee lover who adores digital world.

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