Best Android Browsers 2018

Hi there, here in this post we will let you know on the best Android browsers 2018. Nowadays every smartphone is coming with pre-installed browsers and we just blindly use them. There are many best browsers for a smartphone that gives you the power of speed.

Smartphone’s are being the part of our lifestyle and they became really important for us and without them, we just can’t imagine the things. The main power of our smartphone is its internet connection, we can surf different websites as we do on our PC. So why late lets check for best web browser for android

Best Android Browsers 2018

We have listed out the best and most useful hand-picked collection of android browsers. Each of these browsers stands for its unique feature. Have a look

1. Google Chrome

2. Mozilla Firefox

3. Microsoft edge

4. UC browser

5. Opera Mini

6. CM browser

7. Puffin web browser

8. Dolphin browser

9. Maxthon Browser

10. Yandex

1. Google Chrome

Google chrome is the best choice for the one who is looking out for the speed performance with easy navigation access. Chrome is the most loved browser for both the smartphones and PC. We can see many smartphones are coming out with the pre-installed Google Chrome browser and it is trusted across many platforms. Chrome is the topmost preferred browsers for Android devices. Interestingly, every update release will come with something new and impressive.

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2. Mozilla Firefox

If you are looking out for the best competitor for google chrome than undoubtedly you can say that it is Mozilla Speed. It releases blazing speed with time to time technology advancements and it is designed in such a way that you can control the browser completely. You don’t need to worry about your privacy because Mozilla offers private browsing with tracking protection.

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3. Microsoft edge

Microsoft edge browser is professionally designed for Windows and now it is available for the android users too. If we look out for pros and cons of this browser the majority will be pros itself. Users can access the access the content even if it is closed all of a sudden. It also offers voice search option to use your voice commands and it offers InPrivate mode, in which you can secure yourself as there will be no records of browsing under InPrivate mode.

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4. UC browser

UC browser has so much to say that the other browsers. It comes with plenty of options and it gives the power of using the browser to the ultimate level. It offers breaking news and latest interesting stuff on the internet. It offers to switch tabs, incognito mode, night theme and much more. UC browser offers the speedy performance and even it loads videos in quick time. In one word it is the best android browser make money with UC

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5. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is the fast web browser for Android. The best features that made us include Opera mini on this list are as follows saves data, fast internet access, blocks ads and makes your downloads easier. The other great stuff of opera is it allows multi-tasking with switching tabs, saves your data and shows how your data you have saved. Supports Incognito mode for private browsing

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6. CM browser

Security along with speedy performance is the ultimate option to choose the best application for your smartphone. CM browser offers. This browser comes with the Antivirus engine which protects your smartphone from hidden attacks. Here you can experience the clean browsing as it blocks all the annoying pop-up ads. You don’t need to worry about clearing on your browsing history, it automatically clears the history when you exit the app

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7. Puffin web browser

Puffin web browser values your privacy and offers the cloud protection for your browsing. The traffic which is generated from puffin browser and its servers is encrypted to prevent the leak of your information to the spying eyes. The only thing we think about the internet is fast and bandwidth, with puffin browser you can save up to 90% of bandwidth. Give it a try and you will love it at the end

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8. Dolphin browser

The main reason why you will love you have dolphin browser on your Android device is as follows fast loading speed, Adblocker, HTML5 video player, Incognito browsing, flash player and smart user experience. You can switch to multiple tabs with a swipe. It supports gesture access to visit your favourite websites by drawing a letter and the dolphin browser comes with the plenty of Add-ons

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9. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon browser is the fastest and safe cloud web browser. With this browser, you can easily save your favourite web pages to the cloud without storing them on your device. And it’s in-built ad-blocker blocks all the ads and gives you clean browsing experience. It saves your mobile data by showing smart image display. It is the perfect browser for any android device.

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10. Yandex

Yandex has got its own search engine and it has some of the great features to be on the list of best android browsers for 2018. When your internet connection is slow, the browser automatically switches to turbo mode to provide fast internet access and eliminates lazy load time. You can customise your browser with different backgrounds of wallpapers as per your mood.

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we hope you have loved our collection of the best Android Browsers 2018. If we missed out any of the best browsers for Android you can write to us through the comments section and we are happy to hear from you.

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