Benefits of using VPN, Advantages & Disadvantages

Hello guys, we hope you are having a great time. And today here in this post we will let you know on benefits of using VPN, advantages and disadvantages. If you are not aware of VPN don’t worry, we will share you an detailed information on what is VPN and how it works?

 What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network, there is nothing like rocket-science to learn about the VPN. It is as simple as masking your IP address and browsing with different IP with different locations by sitting at one place. It protects from getting your data being tracked and leaked.

Benefits of using VPN

Well, VPN has the best benefits that can put you in safe hands. It is the secured network connection that protects you from being hacked and tracked. Even though you use incognito mode on your browser you will be tracked by the service providers and Wi-Fi managers can able to spy your data. But VPN puts all the stop for this

Advantages of VPN

1. Secures your data with extra protection

2. Won’t let the others track your data

3. You will browse as the unknown person without giving your credentials

4. Visit blocked websites on your region

5. Bypass the proxy

6. Your IP address will be changed so no one can identify you

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Disadvantages of VPN

1. Your internet speed gets slow

2. Sometimes the VPNs break and reconnects

3. Free VPNs are not reliable

The virtual private network can give you an extra layer of protection for your online presence. And you do not need any technical knowledge or skill to operate as it comes with basic option like connect and disconnect

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There is nothing better than using the VPN to secure your presence on the internet. Even the big companies use thee services to protect them from the attacks

Still, have doubts on benefits of using VPN? don’t worry you can write to us through the comments section and we will reach you with best possible answers.

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