4 Beauty secrets To Whiten Your Skin Naturally In 7 Days

Hopefully, there are plenty of beauty secrets to whiten your skin naturally without visiting a beauty parlor. Here we have shared very effective beauty remedies that work works for you.

In this post, you will find 3 beauty secrets that make you fairer, beautiful and efficient glow in quick time.

Beauty secrets to whiten your skin naturally

1. Milk and Turmeric:

There are many possible ways to whiten your skin naturally. but milk and turmeric stand out from the crowd for its unique powerful working properties. Milk moisturises your skin tone and removes uneven properties on your skin in quick time. And Turmeric is the most used beauty secret for years and years and it is trusted home remedy to whiten your skin tone naturally.

Home remedy procedure:

  • Take 2 tablespoons of unboiled milk
  • Add spoon of turmeric to milk
  • Mix them thoroughly
  • Apply on face smoothly
  • Wash after 20 minutes and rinse off with normal water

2. Tomato and Honey:

Tomato, a well known natural home remedy to whiten and remove acnes in quick time. It removes complete tan on your face and gives natural glowing skin. Honey, a trusted remedy from ancient years used for maintaining perfect health and shining beauty.

Home remedy for glowing skin steps:

  • Crush tomato in bowl and collect its juice
  • Add required amount of honey
  • Stir the remedy to mix completely
  • Apply on cleaned face
  • Make it dry for 20 minutes
  • Clean with normal water without using any soap

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3. Honey, sugar and lemon:

Lemon, a well known powerful beauty agent in removing excess tan on skin. Sugar, a sweet supplement not only adds taste but also make your face shine when applied in facial.

Process of making home remedy:

  • Pour 2 spoons of honey in bowl
  • Add sugar of 1 spoon
  • Take half cut lemon
  • Mix honey and sugar thoroughly until the sugar melts with honey
  • Now, with the help of lemon piece apply the facial remedy by rubbing gently
  • Clean after 20 minutes
  • Apply twice in a week for better results

4. Aloe vera Gel:

Aloe vera gel is the best beauty secrets to whiten your skin naturally without any side effects. This gel makes the skin smooth, pimple-free and enlights the skin.

Here the procedure:

  • Take fresh aloe vera and collect its gel in a bowl
  • Cut the gel into small pieces
  • Add honey and mix completely
  • Apply on cleaned face with circular moments


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Tip of the Topic:

Here, we gathered the best beauty secrets for whitening your skin naturally without going out for creams. we suggest you that these beauty tips works well if practiced twice a week with all the mentioned precautions.

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  1. aftab dawa says:

    nice tips , thanks for sharing it.

  2. arron says:

    I like you all natural tips,they are very useful and helpful for skin care.Thanks for sharing it.

  3. Unknown says:

    Can we use the termeric powder

  4. I have some question for you, please suggest me.I have never used home remedies on my face before. I know that these will prevent my skin from tanning but I want an even skin tone. I want the color of my face to be as light as the color of the rest of my body. What are the home remedies that will lighten my skin? After how many months will I see the difference? My skin is oily and while we’re on the topic, what are the best Home remedies for oily skin?
    Amit Shrivastava recently posted…मोटापा क्या है, इसके लक्षण और कम करने के आयुर्वेदिक नुस्खे (Ayurvedic Tips For Weight Loss In Hindi)My Profile

    • Sandeep Kumar says:

      Natural remedies take months of time to work but it will last longer. Try banana and tomato facial for better results

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