8 Beauty Mistakes You Do Every day With Solutions

Maintaining the beauty is not at all the easy task as it takes much care and more time. So as to help you out we have spotted out 8 of the mostly happened beauty mistakes that you perform every day without knowing yourself and let us have a clean look on it.

Beauty Mistakes with Tips:

1. Applying Face Powder:

Most of the people go wrong when applying facial powder by applying them with the hands. The thing you should notice is that while applying powder with the hands it gives irregular and unequal spreading on the face which in return shows uncovered face area.

  • The quick solution for avoiding these type of mistakes is to powder your face with a powder duster or cleaned smooth cloth.

2. Body Lotion Mistakes:

Body lotion is widely used among all the age groups as it nourishes and moisturise the skin. The most common mistake that is performed without knowing is that applying the body lotion in anti-circular motions with hard rubbing into the skin.

And most of the people apply body lotion with-out proper time interval, and the solution for avoiding body lotion mistakes is to apply it soon after the completion of the bath on a dried skin.

  • Avoid rubbing hard.
  • Apply after the bathing.

3. Night MakeUp:

Sleeping on the applied makeup can damage your skin cells and produce ageing effects.

  • Remove your makeup completely before going to bed.
  • Clean the face until the makeup gets removed.

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4. Applying Foundation:

It is so common thing that most of the people apply foundation for quick attractive looks but here you should know the following:

  • Foundation makes your skin thin if not cleaned in a day.
  • Continued usage makes the skin irritating.
  • When you expose to sunlight with foundation cream then it makes your skin to expose for ageing effects.

5. Eye Brows:

Eyes are the first reflection of the beauty if properly shaped and here are some of the common mistakes you make. Here are some of the beauty tips you should follow for avoiding beauty mistakes.

  • Shaping the eyebrows unequally.
  • Shading incompletely.

6. Over Perfume:

It is one of the main mistake practised by both the men and women in many cases. But too much perfume can irritate your surrounded people and can make you mentally a bit lowered.

  • Spray less according to your dress and body.

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7. UnShaped Nails:

Nails are the first impression of starting the new impressions with the new people by shaking the hands. long nailed and unequally shaped nails reduce your impressions with new people as the major beauty mistakes.

  • Cut your nails equally.
  • Grow them as small.

8. Dressing:

Dress sense makes you let others know how good you are? Choosing the right clothes redefines your personality and follow these dressing tips.

  • Dress according to locality.
  • Follow dressing values.

Tip of the Topic:

Beauty is the must have the appearance to impress in little time and here we provided some more beauty tips to avoid beauty mistakes.

  • Apply cream/lotion in circular motions.
  • Avoid rubbing hard.
  • Apply creams/lotion on cleaned face.

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