This App can Transform your face using Artificial Intelligence

Do you want to know how your face will transform in the coming years? But don’t know how to find it? don’t worry in this post we will share you a post on the app that transform your face using Artificial Intelligence. I think you have heard of the artificial intelligence technology and its uses in the present and the coming future.

What is artificial intelligence? It is nothing but the system which can able to perform the tasks as the humans. The systems will be programmed in such a way that system will auto respond using its programmed tasks and makes the work go on using the artificial intelligence.

There are many  uses of artificial intelligence and in near by future we can expect to see most of the technologies will run on Artificial Intelligence. Instead of humans these systems will perform the tasks using Intelligence which was created artificially.

If you want to know how your face will transform in the coming future you can find it easily using an app called FaceApp. The app runs using the artificial intelligence technology. To see how your face will transform just follow the below steps.

  • Download FaceApp on your phone
  • Select/capture the photo
  • Try the AI filters

You can also easily download the photos and share them on the social media with just a single click.

The FaceApp has the best AI filters like

  • Beautiful smile
  • Younger look
  • Old look
  • Female look
  • Male look and much more

You can unlock more AI filters by moving to PRO version of the app.

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When we tried this app it found to be easy easy to use and its funny to see the transformations with young look, old look and smiling look. If you want to try this you can get it on the store for free of cost and to get more AI filters you need to move on to PRO version.

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