Advantages And Disadvantages Of Buying Old Domain Names

Hello readers, today I will be sharing a post on ‘Advantages and disadvantages of buying old domain names’. Buying a domain name is the first step for blogging. Bloggers consider many things before they go for buying old domain names. It is not at all the easy task to choose the right domain that generates more traffic to your site. In this post, we will be sharing ideas to consider before buying the domain name.

This post will include two factors that are advantages and disadvantages of buying old domain names. Every domain has few advantages and few disadvantages that I will share them with you now. If you are on the idea to buy an old domain name then this post is dedicated to you.

Advantage of buying old domain name:

I have mentioned the advantages of buying old domain names by  tracking the several domains names here you follow them

Domain Age:

Domain age plays an important role in placing your posts in the search engine results. It acts as the advantage for SEO to rank better on the Google search pages. A domain with good age can quickly be indexed in Google and their posts will rank higher the new domain posts.


The main advantage of buying old domain is that you can rank easily with new posts as it already has good page rank and Alexa ranking with social popularity.  Another important factor is that you will have good social sharing signals that are crucial for your SEO.


By buying old domain name you don’t need to bother with getting traffic to your blog as it drives the existing visitors to your blog. The main strategy from getting traffic is building backlinks to your blog, by choosing old domain get the backlink credits for free.

Disadvantages of buying old domain name:

In the above lines we have discusdsed on advantages and now we will come to know on disadvantages of buying expired domain/ old domain name


Google has penalisd many sites that use illegal tricks to rank in the google. Before going for buying domain check whether your domain in the lost of google penality or not. If you buy the domain under this categeory then you are at a risk of branding your domain name.


Many domains has spammed the internet by making comments on other blogs. For some instant it wont be a problem but the problem exists if they the commeting excessively. Check whether your domain exists on the spam list.

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Ultimately we use domain name for branding our blog. You should also check the previous records of the domain name and should go across what topic was published on that particular domain. check whether it has has bad reputation or good reputation on the internet.

We hope this post on Advantages and disadvantages of buying old domain names helps you in selecting your domains. If you have any additional tips to gather you can write to us through the comments section.

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