5 Tips To Save Your Phone Battery Every Day

We are living in the world of digital technology with mobile phones as the main source of supply and use of technology. In this post, we will help you out with another most useful tips on mobiles that are ‘Tips to save your phone battery every day’ without hanging the phone for charger continuously.

In the previous post, we have discussed how to Charge Your Phone Fastly In Less Time without any software and we found that our readers loved the post on charging the mobile quickly and to help our readers to save battery for a longer time we came with few important tips to save phone battery.

1. Choose the light theme:

Most of the smartphone users don’t know that their phone themes can also drop the phone’s battery. It is proven fact that your theme also plays a major role in decreasing your phone’s battery life. Phone’s with thick colours and colourful display uses more power.

2. Turn off auto settings:

I have found that most of the smartphone users use auto settings on their mobiles. Do you know that these auto settings can freely grab your battery life? yes, auto settings like auto brightness, auto sensors, auto location and auto time management settings can greatly reduce your battery life. So its always a better idea to turn off automatic settings on your phone to save your phone battery every day.

3. Close background apps:

Though you have closed all the running apps unknowingly many apps drain the battery by running in the background. So close all the background apps by closing them through the app settings and you should always check whether any of the apps running in the background of the screen.

4. Remove Unnecessary apps:

Most of the android phone apps consume more battery usage than the normal usage. Installation of high size files results in huge battery drain as they require more power to their app. Try to uninstall those big sized files and save your phone battery every day.

5. Turn on only when required:

Another big battery draining issue is that using GPS and Wi-Fi networks. These two networks use huge battery than all the apps so only turn these networks when required. When you use location-based networks immediately turn off the location and save your battery for another day. Allowing your apps to share location, camera and information may consume a lot of battery even when they are not used.

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Tip of the Topic:

We tried our better to bring you the most happening tips to save your phone battery every day. In addition, we have some other quick tips to follow:

  • Don’t use vibration, it consumes more power
  • Clear background running apps
  • Turn off unnecessary notifications
  • Switch to battery saving mode when your battery is about to dead
  • Turn off all the networks when not used.

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