Earn Dollars By One Click with Best PTC Sites

There are many best paying ptc sites, which are known for genuinity, real payments, reliability and bonus functionality.

Now a days it is harder to find a genuine ptc sites, as many new ptc sites are produced with false and fraud statements. And in this post we will share you the best paying ptc sites that pays for a click as paid clicks.

Paid to click jobs are most likely suitable for college students, House wives and for those who are in search of online part-time jobs for extra income. As it doesn’t require any advanced computer skills.

In this post i have included a short list of most stable and popular ptc sites that have in power with stability for over +5 counting years with briefly explained pattern on how to make money with pay per click and how to get paid per click advertising.

1. ClixSense:

It is the most trusted ptc site from 2007 based on paid per click advertising. It has been paying since 9 years with over 6,713,830+ active members world-wide. Most of the advertisers believe that clixsense can generate traffic and increases their sales by double and invest their advertisements and tasks.

It offers huge number of advertisements daily on click to paid policy. To earn more and more extra income you need to upgrade your membership at a cost of $17 and you need to refer your friends to earn bonus with their earnings.

Moreover, it offers 8-tier affiliate program, through which you can multiply your income by 8x times. Every friend who joins through your referral, you get $2 commission if they upgrade their 8 level tier referrals.

what they offer to earn:

  • visiting websites and staying on it for some fixed time.
  • Expressing your views through paid surveys.
  • Playing ClixGrid to earn cash on grids.
  • Participating in small tasks and contests.
  • Referring friends through your link.

To be successful in earning huge amount you need to be the upgraded member annually and you need to have good number of referrals. By clicking one ad you earn up to $0.02 and the minimum payout is $6 through paypal.

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2. Neobux:

It is named as the king of ptc sites for its genuinity, payments and offers. It has been paying since 2008 to its active members all around the world.

There are many ways to earn  more from neobux with daily guaranteed paid to click ads. And the best part is that it offers your detailed account statistics. It is the only ptc site offering prizes along with cash.

what they offer:

  • Effortless income.
  • Guaranteed daily ads.
  • AdPrizes with special offers.
  • small tasks like visiting websites.

You can earn up to $0.02 per click for watching ads and offers and the minimum payout is $2.

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3. Ojooo:

Ojooo.com pays you for watching ads and offers of advertisers. It comes with an advanced OjoooGrid as the draw to win extra cash. Everyday you will have 10 grid chances to win bigger amounts with daily guaranteed ads.

What they offer:

  • Daily ads.
  • You can also earn more by trying new apps through site.
  • Offers OjoooGrid to earn big rewards.
  • Affiliate programs.
  • Referral bonus.

By watching ads you can earn up to  $0.001 and minimum payout is $2.

Tip of the Topic:

Above mentioned short listed ptc sites are known for their reliability, genuinity and real time payments. If you wish to earn more you need to have a more number of referrals and an upgraded account. And remember that you won’t earn fancy income by clicking daily ads it takes a lot of hard work to earn big. so upgrade your account with huge referrals to earn more income.

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